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Hand-drawn image of an 18th-century flintlock musket

Volunteering & Employment

CAMP Flintlock employs individuals to assist with conducting a variety of Colonial American programs. These programs include, but are not limited to: field trips, overnight encampments, and summer camps.


APPLICANTS must possess a willingness to

APPLICANTS do not need to possess

General Positions

THE primary responsibility of general staff members is to conduct school field trips at the main campsite and throughout the Southeast. Other responsibilities include conducting special events, preparing materials, cleaning equipment, and performing a wide variety of chores at the assigned HQ. There are three levels of employment:

Full-Time Staff
Full-time workers are expected to be available for events every week. A driver's license is very highly recommended.
Part-Time Staff
Part-time workers are expected to be available on a semi-frequent basis and, occasionally, for week-long trips.
Volunteer Staff
Volunteer workers perform many of the same duties as part-time workers but are able to count their hours as volunteer time.

Other Positions

OTHER, more specialized positions are available at Camp Flintlock. Individuals may come and learn a variety of 18th century crafts and trades. Apprenticeships are also available in management. Please contact us for more details.