Camp Flintlock ® logo in a colonial font

Hand-drawn image of an 18th-century flintlock musket

Overnight Encampments

CAMP Flintlock conducts overnight camping events for public, private, and charter schools as well as home school groups, scout troops, historic sites, churches, clubs and other organizations. Have it at our campsite or your location!

Participant Numbers and Cost

NUMBER of participants: 20–100 (preschool age and younger children are free and do not count as participants).

COST for one night: $60 per participant.

An Overnight Encampment involves the following

Registration Process

  1. Review online information about Overnight Encampments.
  2. Download and complete registration form.
  3. Contact Camp Flintlock and discuss available dates.
  4. Submit form with non-refundable deposit.
  5. Camp Flintlock sends directions to campsite.
  6. Send final head-count and participant breakdown at least two weeks prior to event. Breakdown includes final number of boys, girls, men, and women as well as approx. ages of children.


A participant throwing a Tomahawk at a target
Tomahawk Throw
Participants are working hard to cook a French toast breakfast over the fire
Cooking Breakfast

Automatic Activities (every encampment includes the following)

Additional activities to choose from

Sample Schedule

Blue Team Red Team
Friday Evening: Arrival to Campsite
Tent Assignment Clothing Issued
Clothing Issued Tent Assignment
Tinware Issued, Supper Served and Wash Tinware
Clean Up Miscellaneous Chores
Historical Reading
Get Ready for Bed
“Hit the Hay”
6:30 a.m. Saturday: Wake Up to Fife & Drum Music
Collect or Split Wood Prep. and Cook Breakfast
Breakfast Served and Wash Tinware
Collect or Split Wood Clean Up and Prep. Dinner
Character Discussion
Snack Break and Bathroom Break
Shoot Musket Colonial Games
Colonial Games Shoot Musket
Finish Cooking Dinner Throw Tomahawks
Dinner Served and Wash Tinware
Clean Up Miscellaneous Chores
Musik & Dancing
Throw Tomahawks Store
Store Return Equipment
Return Equipment Clean Up Campsite
Artillery Demonstration and Conclusion
Load Up and Depart

Descriptions of Activities

Automatic activities

Additional activities to choose from

Things to Bring

All Campers Should Bring

Campers Should NOT Bring


PARTICIPANTS are not permitted, under any circumstances, to bring: firearms*; fireworks; alcohol; illegal drugs; electronic items with the exception of cameras, cell phones, and flashlights.

* Prior approval is necessary for 18th century/18th century reproduction firearms.